Mikatan Previews Nendoroid GUMI

Nendoroid GUMI

Megpoid‘s Nendoroid GUMI has been available for pre-order earlier today, and it is only natural for Mikatan to get her hands on the new Nendoroid.

As usual, a few tidbits are revealed in the preview article, such as the fact that GUMI will bring along four (instead of three, as previously reported) expressions: smiling, winking, chibi face, and the google-wearing face.

Yep, in order to recreate the above pic, we will need to remove the googles off her head and swap her face plate with the one wearing googles.

Nendoroid GUMI and Gakupo

The compulsory face-swapping photo is also posted by Mikatan there. See her complete preview with more pics and info below.

via Mikatan’s blog

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