Nendoroid More: Suction Stands – A New Way to Display Nendoroid

Nendoroid More: Suction Stands

There are many ways to display our Nendoroid, such as putting them inside a case storage or displaying them floating mid-air.

Well, now we have an official alternative by GSC in the form of Nendoroid More: Suction Stands. As the product name suggests, it allows us to display our Nendoroid on walls, doors, monitors – you name it. XD

Here is the product description:

More fun ways to display your Nendoroids!
These new suction stands bring Nendoroid fans a brand new way of displaying their favorite characters! Simply stick the suction cup onto a window or wall, and you can display your Nendoroids in places you never even considered using before!

The arm attached to the suction cup is articulated, allowing you to move it in any direction so that you can place the Nendoroids exactly where you want them! Each stand comes with joints for both Nendoroids and Nendoroid Petites, so you can display any of your favorite characters from either series!

This product was developed by this year’s new employees at Good Smile Company.

There are three different colors to choose: white, pink, and (green) mint. The suction stand is priced at 500 Yen each, and it will also include both regular Nendoroid and Petites stands.

Nendoroid Gumako is displayed with suction stand

Well, what do you think about it, Nendonesian? ^^

via GSC

9 comments on “Nendoroid More: Suction Stands – A New Way to Display Nendoroid

  1. I don’t think I can trust a suction cup that much.

  2. anonymous says:

    There’s also a clip version, which I think I can trust more:

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  4. garuda_blade says:

    F = mg

  5. Momo says:

    want o_o

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