Nendoroid Akaza Akari is Previewed by Mikatan

Nendoroid Akaza Akari

Nendoroid Akaza Akari

Nendoroid Akaza Akari (a.k.a Akarin) from Yuru Yuri has finally arrived on Mikatan’s desk.

She will bring along three expression (winking, shouting, and dazed-off) as well as some optional parts and accessories to re-create various scenes from the anime. She also gets a few interesting stuff, as follows:

Dazed-off expression

Dazed-off expression

For some reason, I find that her dazed-off expression is quite unique. Aside from its potential to be used as yandere expression, I think it could be used in other interesting scenes as well. XD

The hair bazooka

The hair bazooka

Her hair bazooka is also one of Akarin’s unique feature in her Nendoroid form. I cannot wait to see how the other Nendoroid would look like if they launched a hair bazooka. XD

Note: Is it just me or did Mikatan removed the pic of invisible Akarin off her blog post? XD

(Thanks for the news tip, Jarvis Delgado)

via Mikatan’s blog

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