The Wandering Fay: Nendoroid Fan Photobook is Available for Pre-Order

The Wandering Fay

The Wandering Fay

pus2meong, the initiator behind The Wandering Fay: Nendoroid Photobook project has posted about the pre-order availability on the Facebook discussion group for this project.

So how to secure a pre-order for the photobook? Scroll past the break to find out. ^^

Photobook Specification

  • Number of pages: 90++ (full-color)
  • Release date: Week 1-2 of September 2012
  • Cost:
    • Indonesia: Rp 140.000 + shipping fee (free for anywhere around Jakarta, Rp 10.000 for anywhere else)
    • International: US$ 15 + shipping fee (depends on the country)
  • Preview: download – This is an early production sample, the release version will have a slightly different layout.
An early preview of the photobook

An early preview of the photobook

How to Pre-Order

For Indonesia residents:

  1. Put a comment mentioning that you are interested to pre-order the photobook in one of these pages:
  2. Transfer Rp 140.000 + shipping fee to the specified bank account, as mentioned in any of the links in step 1.

For international orders:

  1. Send an email to: containing your name, shipping address (including your country), and the number of photobook(s) you are going to pre-order.
  2. A reply will be sent to you, containing the invoice and payment method (PayPal).
  3. Pay the amount mentioned (US$ 15 + shipping fee) in the invoice via PayPal.

Payments for the pre-orders should be made before August 25th.

E-book (PDF) version

If you want to print the photobook by yourself, you can wait for the softcopy version, which should be released after the hardcopy version is shipped. Estimated date should be around Week 3-4 of September 2012.

via Facebook

One comment on “The Wandering Fay: Nendoroid Fan Photobook is Available for Pre-Order

  1. セイヤ/Flawless says:

    Nice to see that at least one of my photos made it to the book. A little disappointed that the names were placed backwards. But the book looks nice, can’t wait to see the entirety of the book in September. ^^

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