Nendoroid from Prism Nana Project are Produced from 3D CG Render (Updated)

3DCG render of Nendoroid from Prism Nana Project

3D CG render of Nendoroid from Prism Nana Project

The anime production studio SHAFT, which previously worked on Bakemonogatari and Puella Magi Madoka Magica, has announced a new magical-girl-themed anime project titled Prism Nana Project. The details surrounding this anime is supposedly going to be revealed on Comiket 82 event, which is held starting today (August 10th) until Sunday (August 12th).

Apparently, the anime announcement is also followed up by revealing the Nendoroid, as seen in the pic above. Yes, the Nendoroid are going to be produced straightly from the 3D CG render, and the result can be judged from the following photo.

Nendoroid Washioka Itaru

Nendoroid Washioka Itaru

Her outfit reminds me of Nendoroid Sayaka Miki, but it still looks cool anyway. The flame-ish ornament on her head makes it even better as well.

So … what do you think about it, Nendonesian? ^^

UPDATE: All Nendoroid are revealed!

Nendoroid from Prism Nana Project

Nendoroid from Prism Nana Project

The shown Nendoroid are:

  1. Nendoroid Washioka Itaru (Fire)
  2. Nendoroid Oribe Kotone (Water)
  3. Nendoroid Asagi Asuka (Earth)

(Thanks for the name translations, yakumotatsuko)
(Thanks for the name correction, Klashikari)

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12 comments on “Nendoroid from Prism Nana Project are Produced from 3D CG Render (Updated)

  1. neko8124 says:

    Wow age looks awesome the hair the dress very detailed

  2. neko8124 says:

    I must have them all

  3. Love the design of those 3 and definitely going to watch that anime.
    But I hope the final products will not be 3D prints because the quality is horrible at the moment

    • animaster says:

      They will pretty likely to refine the Nendoroid produced straightly from 3D printer. I guess those Nendoroid only serve as a quick-and-dirty prototype. XD

  4. Yamaneko says:

    I like the green one 🙂

  5. by the way the name of the characters are: Washioka Itari 鷲岡 至(Fire) Oribe Kotone 織部 琴音 (Water) & Asagi Asuka 浅木 飛鳥 (Earth)

  6. fumi says:

    i must have them!!!

  7. Klashikari says:

    Correction: the main heroine first name is Itaru, not Itari.(Hiragana: いたる)

  8. […] three magical girls were initially announced back then on Comiket 82, under the tentative name Prism Nana […]

  9. Inediblepeaches says:

    It looks like squirtle, charmander, and bulbasaur

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