GSC is Coming to AFAID 2012? (Update: Confirmed by Takanori Aki)

AFAID 2012 and GSC

AFAID 2012 and GSC

A few hours ago, the following question was asked in Good Smile Company’s English Facebook page:

We have a question to the Indonesians lives in the Indonesia.
“Where did you buy our figures at the real shop?”
Because we will go to AFA Indonesia, then we want to go the real shops for marketing. Please let me know 🙂

Obviously, this question has sparked a speculation that GSC will be opening a booth in AFA Indonesia 2012, similar to AFA (Singapore) and AFA Malaysia.

What do you think about it, Nendonesian? XD

Anyway, if you are interested to submit your answer(s) kindly go to the source page below. Oh, and please do not chooseKlinik Tong Fang” as your answer(s) there. It is obviously a prank. (-_-“)

via Facebook

Update: Tatsuya has just asked Takanori Aki (President of GSC) about this matter via Twitter, and here is his answer:

A simple “YES” is convincing enough to confirm that GSC is indeed coming to AFAID 2012, don’t you think so? XD

Note: Our donation amount has reached around 40 percent of the minimum amount needed to rent a showcase booth in AFAID 2012.
Thank you for your donation, Nendonesian! 60 percent to go! XD

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