Nendoroid Giveaway by ANIME Circle

ANIME Circle

ANIME Circle

I was informed by one of ANIME Circle‘s admin that they are currently running a Nendoroid Giveaway to celebrate the page’s launching.

The rules are simple: (1) LIKE the Facebook page of ANIME Circle, and (2) answer a few questions in the relevant post. Obviously, you must have a Facebook account in order to participate. XD

The giveaway is also open to international participants, but the prize Nendoroid will not be revealed until it reaches the winner’s hand.

Anyway, see the source page below for more details regarding the giveaway.

via ANIME Circle

7 comments on “Nendoroid Giveaway by ANIME Circle

  1. Ruciferia says:

    I dunno, but, usually this only about like the page and then no real giveaway given out.

  2. amaruro_03 says:

    why can’t i find the questions??? someone mind to help? o3o onegai-shimasu!!! 😀

  3. randomanon says:

    Wait. That’s wrong.
    Here’s the right one:

  4. Lewis vang says:

    I really love to have one!!

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