Is This Nendoroid Suenaga Mirai’s Prototype?

Prototype of Nendoroid Suenaga Mirai?

Prototype of Nendoroid Suenaga Mirai?

So far, Danny Choo has already teased us several times in regards of the Nendoroid version of his famous Culture Japan mascot Suenaga Mirai. We have seen the Nendoroid design, the Itasha, but not the Nendoroid itself.

Well, it looks like Nendoroid Suenaga Mirai has finally decided to meet Mr. Blurry Cam in order to produce this blurry photo of her prototype, as you can see in the pic above.

Whether the pic is legit or not, well, I guess we will not have to wait too long for clarification as Summer WonFes is coming on July 29 – that’s exactly next week! XD

What do you think, Nendonesian? ^^

UPDATE: It looks like the pic was initially tweeted by Danny Choo himeself.

via MFC and Twitter

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  1. […] Choo (owner of Culture Japan) is trying to build the hype even more by frequently teasing us with pics lately – which I also love to see. […]

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