Nendoroid Renne is Previewed by Mikatan

Nendoroid Renne

Nendoroid Renne

Falcom has already teased us with a few pics of fully-colored Nendoroid Renne a few days ago. Well, it turns out that she has already made her way for production, as Mikatan took the chance to preview the production sample today.

Nendoroid Renne will bring along three expressions, black bunny doll, ice cream, and a couple of optional body parts, including an additional lower body parts for sitting pose. XD

Kindly see more pics on Mikatan’s blog, and wait for her reservation to be available on Tuesday, next week. ^^

Note: Mikatan also hinted that the next Nendoroid in the series might be Feena (Ys I), if they follow the same path as the Nendoroid Petit set. XD

via Mikatan’s blog

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