Nendoroid Saber Lion is Following Saber Lily Towards Re-Sale Lane

Nendoroid Saber Lion

After Nendoroid Saber Lily got her re-sale announcement, I am pretty sure that most of you are hoping that Nendoroid Saber Lion will be the next in the line. XD

Well, I guess that is what GSC is planning to do so, as they displayed their upcoming re-release products in the recent Nico Nico broadcast, and Nendoroid Saber Lion were there!

Apparently, Saber Lion will also come with a new stand base (similar to Date Masamune’s case) which is supposed to be better than her old one.

No official announcement about the re-release has been made yet. Her re-release date is also missing, naturally. XD

All in all, this is a very good chance for Nendoroid collectors to grab one in case they missed the first release back then in 2008. What do you think about it, Nendonesian?

(Thanks for the news tip, Zaken Salomo!)

via Plastikitty

6 comments on “Nendoroid Saber Lion is Following Saber Lily Towards Re-Sale Lane

  1. karkar says:

    i spent 120 to get one last year and now they’re re-releasing… not something happy for those who already own her

  2. Momoichi says:

    hehe XD hehehe XD hehehehehe XD (im not a Saber fan ^^ but im just happy cuz soon Zetsubo-sensei will get re-sale soon toooooo ^^)

  3. Yamaneko says:

    This nendo is pretty cool even when you are not a fan of Saber 😀

  4. amaruro_03 says:

    well, one thing i can tell you is that it’s REALLY different from the original Saber! xD

  5. roo-kun says:

    LOL, with this i confirmed that my collection will consists of three Sabers, and two Mikus

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