More Info and Pics for Nendoroid Spiderman

Nendoroid Spiderman

Nendoroid Spiderman

A new pic of Nendoroid Spiderman has popped up in the net. As you may have known, this Nendoroid based on the design from Amazing Spiderman.

As expected, Spidey will bring along some optional parts and accessories to recreate various scene from the movie. It looks like he will also come with a special stage set.

Anyway, it seems that the pre-order will be available soon because he is scheduled for November release.

Well, what do you think, Nendonesian?

(Thanks for the news tip @brassica_!)

via Toy-World

5 comments on “More Info and Pics for Nendoroid Spiderman

  1. Momoichi says:

    is anyone actually looking forward to that :b??

  2. Cloudedmind says:

    I am!

  3. i am, my brother wants him, i was planning for myself. but he wants it. lol he’s not into nendo like i am, so i guess this will be his first.

  4. […] if this argument annoy you, Spidey fans, but personally, the first impression I got when I saw the fully-colored version of this Nendoroid was not that great: doesn’t Spidey’s head looks like a basketball there? […]

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