Anime Festival Asia Indonesia 2012

Banner for AFA Indonesia 2012

Banner for AFA Indonesia 2012

Note: This post is not (directly) related to Nendoroid, so if you are looking for one, then kindly skip this post. XD

Rejoice, fans of Japanese culture in Indonesia, as Anime Festival Asia (AFA) 2012 will also be held in Indonesia. Yes, the first ever AFA Indonesia will be held in Jakarta on September 1-2! ^^

Here is the announcement tweet, announced from the official Twitter account of AFA Indonesia:

That said, we are still waiting for further announcement regarding the exact venue, ticketing details, and programs rundown.

Meanwhile, the popular blogger and Culture Japan owner Danny Choo mentioned that he will also come to the event. I do also hope that GSC open a booth there. XD

Well, what do you think, Nendonesian – especially those who live in Indonesia? Are you excited? ^^

via Twitter and Culture Japan

12 comments on “Anime Festival Asia Indonesia 2012

  1. Stella says:

    I’m super excited! >.<

    I think I must start saving my money xD

  2. super excited! me and my friends are already planning time and money to travel there..
    but we’re still in some confusion regardless where we should sleep.. LOL

    dear Nendonesia, why don’t we make a Nendonesia Gathering : Journey to AFA Indonesia?
    so all Nendonesians can come to AFA as a group?

    just my idea thought ^_^’

  3. K E N says:

    excited… >w< hope there's no seller with bootleg nendo or other figure in there.. .__.a

    i've an idea, why dont we, Nendonesia, rent a booth in AFA, to make a special or national gathering..?? u know, many nendonesian get many praise from their nendo what Sherli-san do in Danny's Corner in GSC website… maybe if we make some booth and make smoe photography session, many people can more recognize Nendonesia, and Danny-san or even Japan's people know about us.. ^_^

    • animaster says:

      Yep, the idea is currently being considered. We are aware that there are many Nendonesians (or Nendoroid fans) getting global recognition, such as Sherli, Kurodot, JF Online, etc.

      That said, we still don’t have anything to announce regarding that matter at the moment. ^^

  4. uuuuh…uuuuh… can not waiting…most exciting….uuuuh..i am always waiting this moment and now you come in Indonesia YES YES YES…..sori if my english bad ^^a

  5. heradwiyatmoko says:

    I look forward to a very clear information about AFA to be held in indonesia because my child waiting… thank you so much before

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