Nendoroid Info in Latest Hobby Magazine Scans (May 2012)

The magazine scan

The magazine scan

After Nendoroid Annelotte (Queen’s Blade Rebellion) went for pre-order last month, the usual “how will the 2P version look like?” thought crossed on my mind.

Thankfully, I don’t have to wait long, as Nendoroid Annelotte: Dark Knight version made her debut in this month’s Dengeki Hobby Magazine. Interestingly, she does not bear the 2P version remarks that have been the case with the previous alternative versions of Nendoroid from Queen’s Blade. XD

*ahem* I have to say that she looks really gorgeous with those red eyes, elven’s ears, and a glittering golden equipments. I’m totally sold, FREEing, good job! ^^

Anyway, it seems that she will be available as a limited and exclusive product, as usual, with a price of 3500 Yen. The evil-looking lady will be released sometimes this year.

Meanwhile, Phat Company‘s Nendoroid Gertrud Barkhorn from Strike Witches series gets another highlight in the magazine scan. This time, she brings along her Striker unit and shares a few new poses with us.

(Un)surprisingly, she is still uncolored, eventhough it is already more than a year since the first time we saw her. At least she got a release schedule, albeit a little vague: Autumn 2012. XD

Note: Oh, and while we’re at it, how are our Disgaea duo (Flonne and Etna) doing there, Phat-san? Hopefully you don’t plan to cancel abandon forget them, because some of us have been patiently waiting since you showed them to us last year. XD

Well then, what do you think about it, Nendonesian? ^^

(Thanks for the news tip, Jeff Teo!)

2 comments on “Nendoroid Info in Latest Hobby Magazine Scans (May 2012)

  1. littlesackthing says:

    Yeah I’m worried about Nendoroid Etna and Flonne about getting canceled…..I hope Phat makes them this year or even release some new photos of poses of them…. T^T

  2. […] after we saw the 2P version of Nendoroid Annelotte (Queen’s Blade Rebellion), dubbed as Nendoroid Annelotte: Demon Knight version, we got […]

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