GSC Announced Highest Voted New Product Requests Result

Card Captor Sakura

Card Captor Sakura

Following up their previous announcement, GSC has just posted an update regarding the highest demand in the New Product Request section.

Here is a list of highest voted character to be made into Nendoroid: (sorted by highest voted to the lowest)

  • Spice and Wolf – Holo
  • Steins;Gate – Rintarou Okabe
  • Another – Misaki Mei
  • Card Captor Sakura – Kinomoto Sakura
  • Fate/Zero – Matou Kariya
  • Hidamari Sketch – Yuno
  • Cardfight! Vanguard – Sendou Aichi
  • Vocaloid – Akita Neru
  • Suzumiya Haruhi no Yutsuu – Itsuki Koizumi
  • Darker than Black – Yin
  • Fate/Zero – Lancer
  • UTAU – Kasane Teto

Spice and Wolf‘s Holo gets the top spot, while Steins;Gate‘s Rintarou Okabe claims the runner-up and Another‘s Misaki Mei grabs the third place.

Anyway, it seems that I am not the only one who requested for Kinomoto Sakura from Card Captor Sakura to be made into Nendoroid. Yatta! ^^

Vocaloid‘s Akita Neru and UTAU‘s Kasane Teto also made their way into the list, as well as Fate/Zero‘s Matou Kariya and …. Lancer!? XD

Well, what do you think about this potential list of upcoming Nendoroid releases?

(Thanks for the news tip, Tio Satrio!)

via GSC

29 comments on “GSC Announced Highest Voted New Product Requests Result

  1. Saririn~ says:

    I am SO happy to see Misaki in the top 3!!!

    Also, I’m glad to see Sakura, Teto, Neru, Holo, Okabe… well, basically EVERYONE!

  2. Singer Yuna says:

    I voted for Yin!!! Yaaay!

  3. Erald Coil says:

    Wow, that’s a decent list… I could see myself buying all of those. Yeah, i’d get em all no point in lying 😀

  4. Minzuki says:

    The only ones I would want that are on this list are Misaki Mei and maybe Kasane Teto.

  5. Holo FOR THE WIN! It would be so amazing if they would make nendo of her ^w^

  6. Licia says:

    Hoho, I also voted for sakura~~

  7. Turb0 says:

    F*ck NO. Now I want to buy half list T_T

  8. BunnyBelle says:

    Nice list! Now I hope GSC will actually make them XD
    Cardcaptor Sakura especially~

  9. Ridley says:

    Seems like my wish for a Chi nendoroid is still but a wish.

  10. Why no love for Sawa-chan sensei? She could’ve been all dressed up in full Death Devil regalia.

    • animaster says:

      IMHO it doesn’t matter whether she comes as a teacher or a Death Devil members … just give us Sawa-chan to complete our K-ON! Nendoroid collection, will you Good Smile! ^^

  11. StarCass says:

    djbfdbh Meeeei! I really hope she gets turned into A Nendoroid ; w ;

  12. Momoichi says:

    no To Aru nendoroid votes TTwTT….least still got Itsuki Koizumi TTwTT

  13. Aya-chan says:

    Yuno, pleaseeee!

  14. arachnider says:

    still no good eh? I voted for asuka (evangelion)…. oh okay then..
    well, I don’t really surprised with the top 3, but why Sendou Aichi there? lol
    I play and watch Vanguard.. and I like it.. but to think that he’s at the same tier of some of the moe animes… that’s surprising for me… hahahah

  15. dgarnet says:

    The list is awesome 🙂 esp the fact that saber is thar. just hoping they’re gonna release all the top list haz…

  16. lich2744 says:

    wanna nendoroid rintarou okabe and misaki mei xD

  17. -blacksheep says:

    a nendoroid of Okarin would really be good :3

  18. neko8124 says:

    I’m glad Sakura made the list and a lot of male figures . I hope GSC takes into consideration that people want more male figures

  19. Licia says:

    Just got the news that Flandre Scarlet is going to resale!!! Can’t imagine how happy I am!!!

  20. kinokoxan says:

    I voted for Kinomoto Sakura and Okabe Rintarou too ^^
    Nice results, let’s just see if they keep up with prototypes, scheduled date and delays :3
    WANT WANT ^^~

  21. dorothy3242 says:

    Magical girl got in there?
    Efforts of going through all the ones I’ve watched and putting in requests for all of them were not fruitless!!
    Akita Neru?
    Kasane Teto?
    Goodness, they should have votes like these all the time! I was only planning to get only two nendoroids this year! (Katou Marika & BRS T.V. version STR. We all know she’s getting one. She got one for the ova even though she only showed up for like 3 seconds!)

  22. Yamaneko says:

    I guess Lina Inverse from Slayers is not too popular nowadays (._.)

  23. Wolfykun says:

    Wow. I didn’t expect that so many people wanted an Okabe Nendoroid. Hope GSC will grant it. ^_^

  24. Viper27 says:

    Hooray for Holo and OMG YEAH for Okabe and Kariya!!!! just imagining the bug accessories gets me excited! the hood, the deformed face and the top of the building pose!!! Okabe’s mad scientist pose in nendo form!!!!! i want prototypes next wonfes GSC=D

  25. :-) says:

    I heard this result is sorted by randomly, not the hightest vote to lowest=)

  26. […] broadcast. The Nendoroid version of Kinomoto Sakura is highly requested by the fans when GSC held the product request campaign earlier this […]

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