GSC Announced The Vote Result for Product Re-Sale Request

Final vote result for Nendoroid re-sale request

Final vote result for Nendoroid re-sale request

Did you remember about GSC’s product re-sale polling that was conducted as part of their 10th anniversary campaign? Yep, that particular voting had come to an end since May 1st, and fast-forward to today, it has been two weeks since then.

Apparently, GSC has just finished their recaps and the result has been announced, as you can see in the pic above or you can visit the source link. (Un)suprisingly, there are 7 variants of Nendoroid Hatsune Miku, including the original one (#33), managed to get into Top 20 in the final vote result. XD

Well, what do you think about the result, Nendonesian?

via GSC

21 comments on “GSC Announced The Vote Result for Product Re-Sale Request

  1. ... says:

    I really don’t want to see another reissue for the normal version of miku…

    • animaster says:

      It’s pretty unlikely, because Nendoroid Hatsune Miku has been re-issued several times already.
      Perhaps the real motivation for its re-sale request is that the Support/Cheerful version’s quality is disappointing for some folks. ^^

      • ... says:

        Quality problems? o_o I heard a lot of people had problems with miku’s “^^” face?
        The thing that I don’t like about cheerful miku is her box design.. ._.”
        I feel sorry to whoever that bought the figures @ the re-issue list for a high price xD

  2. littlesackthing says:

    Will they also show what they picked or approved for the new product request???

  3. Licia says:

    Why,why,why always miku…
    It seems really obvious that miku would definitely be announced re-sale for more times in future… Why are people wasting this chance…
    Sadly minami kokonoe isn’t on the list…

  4. ladyusada says:

    I missed my chance at either version of Kurisu, so I’m glad to see her on the board (I voted for her, of course~). There are several others I would’ve liked to seen, but I’m satisfied with the results. :3

  5. Yamaneko says:

    No Melissa Seraphy nendos on this list? T_T

  6. Erald Coil says:

    So, much Miku! That list is okay, glad to see Saber Lily and Lion on there fingers crossed for reissue! I’m curious to see what GSC does in the end, but i hope we get some reissues so we can fill gaps in our nendo collections XD

  7. Minzuki says:

    I have a feeling that some people were voting for Miku just because it’s Miku.I can’t think of any other reason why basic Miku would be up there.This was a chance for hard to get figures to get a re-sale and the majority of them are Miku.The only one that is a must have for me is Itoshiki Nozomu.

  8. neko8124 says:

    so glad to see Saber Lily, Nagi ,Itoshiki and Ryofuko …..Ryofuko the most I almost paid $500 for her blah….but all those Mikus why why she is still easy to find except the Racing Mikus …I hate Miku what about a Snow Luka or Snow Kaito or Snow Kagamai twins ..I hope GSC passes Miku up and releases the other Nendos

  9. Momoichi says:

    yes…. Zetsubo-senseis the only one i really care about XD well and Nagi and maybe racing miku ^^ aahh Good Smile ^^

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  11. I really hope they do CCS Sakura Nendoroid, it would be my dream nendo

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