GSC Announces Re-sale and New Product Request Project

GSC's 10th Anniversary

GSC's 10th Anniversary

GSC will reach its 11th anniversary on May, so they are going to end their 10th anniversary celebration with a unique project: Re-sale and New Product Request.

Yep, GSC is asking your opinion about which product they should put on re-sale and what character you would like them to be made into a product.

How does it work?

First, you have to visit this page:

Since this is a Nendoroid-related blog, the example will be for Nendoroid Re-sale Request page. XD

Nendoroid re-sale request page

Nendoroid re-sale request page

In this page, you may choose up to 5 (five) Nendoroid that you want to be put on re-sale. When you have finished putting the tick marks, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the right button.

FYI, the left button reads “See vote result without voting”.

Latest vote result for Nendoroid re-sale request

Latest vote result for Nendoroid re-sale request

The screenshot you see above is taken earlier today, and here is the translation for the top 10 most requested Nendoroid to be put on re-sale:

  1. Nendoroid #57 Miyafuji Yoshika
  2. Nendoroid #77 Saber Lily
  3. Nendoroid #50 Saber Lion
  4. Nendoroid #149 Makise Kurisu: White Coat version
  5. Nendoroid #33 Hatsune Miku
  6. Nendoroid #59 Itoshiki Nozomu
  7. Nendoroid #97 Snow Miku
  8. Nendoroid #42 Hatsune Miku: Hachune version
  9. Nendoroid #136 Flandre Scarlet
  10. Nendoroid #84 Ryougi Shiki

Yoshika, Saber Lily, and Saber Lion are currently leading in the Top 3. It is not too surprising, because those three Nendoroid are pretty rare nowadays and their prices are skyrocketing in the market. XD

Personally, it is quite interesting to see Nendoroid Hatsune Miku (#33) to pop up there, due to the fact that she had already been re-released several times and she even had a supposedly-superior version in the form of Nendoroid Hatsune Miku: Support version (#170). We could never had enough of Miku, couldn’t we? XD

Anyway, there is one other page that you might find interesting: New Product Request.

New product request page

New product request page

In this page, you need to fill out three fields there, i.e (from left to right): Series Title, Character Name, Product Type. My entry, as seen in the pic above, are: Card Captor Sakura – Kinomoto Sakura – Nendoroid. XD

This campaign will be running until May 1st 12:00PM (JST), so make sure to submit your votes and product request before that date. ^^

Well then, now you have been given the rare chance to speak up your wish. What are you going to request for Nendoroid re-sale and new Nendoroid character? Kindly tell us your requests down in the comment section below. ^^

Via Mikatan’s blog

18 comments on “GSC Announces Re-sale and New Product Request Project

  1. TakoTalk says:

    Do you have to enter your request in Japanese, English, or does it matter?

  2. Tidde Sj says:

    Nendoroid England from Hetalia.

  3. Erald Coil says:

    I’m hoping this works out… would love to see re-release of Saber Lily and Saber Lion XD I’m glad to see Nozomu and Yoshika high up there wouldn’t mind snagging those two.

    But yeah…. choices like Miku? Really people? Don’t get me wrong I love Miku, but let’s not ruin this chance by voting up old Miku -_-

    I would sooo love a CCS Nendoroid, she would need kero and such XD I had to vote for Figma Kaito, may be the only shot I have at seeing him. Can’t wait to see how this turns out!

  4. Turb0 says:

    I love the new product request thing!! Now I have to think which one I should ask for…

    And I’ll put it in Japanese just in case…

  5. BunnyBelle says:

    I pretty much have the nendoroids I want, but I voted instead for a re-issue of Figma Lum

    But I requested for Sailor Moon and Creamy Mami as Nendoroids. maybe I’ll go back and ask for Magical Emi or Mahou Tsukai Sally.
    I would love nendoroids based on old magical girls. My whole wallet would belong to GSC if they did that XDD

  6. Tess Cohea says:

    I voted for re release of nendoroids Ryofuku chan and Yui dvd ver. XD the most expensive nendoroids … sadly they arent even in the results so far! I was really hoping they could get a re release since I could easily get all the others compaired to trying to get those 2, they are around between $400 (at least) and up to $1000 or more! (in USD) so they REALLY need a re release! D:

    • Erald Coil says:

      I know! Its shocking! agree with everything you’ve said XD

    • animaster says:

      I thought to vote for Ryofuko-chan as well, but as I read in Mikatan’s blog post:

      “… All the products released up until 2012/04/10 (with the exception of Cheerful JAPAN! and limited edition products) will be available for you to vote on.”

      It seems that limited products are out of the question – although GSC still put the limited Nendoroid up in the listing for some reason. XD

  7. Hatsunyan~ says:

    I voted for Keima Katsuragi nendoroid ^^
    so my Elsie could continue her loose soul hunt with Keima around her 🙂

  8. Tess Cohea says:

    Is the submission period over? I forgot about it and I was going to submit my product requests but it just says some red characters after I type it and press enter now.

  9. Momoichi says:

    YES >..< really want oooooone XD (seems im not the only one ~_^)

  10. Momoichi says:

    edo….ment to say Zetsubo-sensei ^^;

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