Nendonesia Update: Blog Migration, Layout Change, Forum Partially Enabled

New blog layout

New blog layout

Firstly, we would like to say HAPPY EASTER! Yes, it is a bit late, but considering what we had gone through on the weekend, we hope you forgive us for the late greeting. XD

Anyway, this recent weekend was one of our most challenging week ever. The whole server went down due to some network attacks and the blog was not accessible at all. There were some huge news, tipped by both our readers and partners, but we could not post it to the blog due to the server problem.

Some of you might also remember about the “Site is Offline” problem and other issues happening to the blog recently. It happened just after we were using a Content Delivery Network (CDN) service provider to enhance the blog’s performance as well as caching stuff so that when the server got some hiccups, you would still be able to access the blog as usual. It turned out that the provider caused us more troubles rather than improvement.

Thankfully, the aforementioned problems were things in the past; we have migrated to another service provider which are famous for its reliability. Yep, in case you have not noticed yet, the blog is now proudly hosted by, one of the most popular and widely used blog service. Yay! ^^

We have also done a few tweaks under the hood as well as a small layout refresh. What do you think about the new theme, Nendonesian? XD

By the way, Nendonesia Forum has been enabled partially now. New user registration is still disabled until we find a way to prevent the automatic (bot) sign-ups. Registered (and logged-in) users can still access the forum as usual though – creating new threads, replying to posts, private-messaging, etc. Oh, and we temporarily change the forum address to: until we finished setting up stuff. XD

Well then, we would like to thank you, Nendonesian, for always supporting us. ^^

3 comments on “Nendonesia Update: Blog Migration, Layout Change, Forum Partially Enabled

  1. gerald says:

    can i get your banner picture in your website?

  2. […] to some technical problems on the server side and migration issue earlier this year, most of our stats was wiped off, so it started anew again since April 2012. […]

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