Hobby Festival Surabaya 2012

Hobby Festival Surabaya 2012

Hobby Festival Surabaya 2012

For you who are lingering around Surabaya, Indonesia, well, there will be is a hobby event being held there. The event goes by the name Hobby Festival Surabaya 2012, which is going to start on …. today, March 11th until April 1st. Yep, the event is up everyday – from 10AM until 10PM – for more than 3 weeks long! Whoaa … XD

Anyway, this event is held on East Coast Center, Pakuwon City (Laguna). For you who are not familiar with the area, well, if you know Food Festival area, then East Coast Center is that mall just beside that area. ^^

Oh, and Nendonesia will also have a special gathering there on March 31st along with the figma community FIGMANIA and perhaps other figure and model kit communities as well. I will post further details when it becomes available later on, so for now, simply mark that date in your calendar, okay? ^^

Via Imoutou

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