Post-WonFes NicoNico Broadcast by GSC Showed A Few Upcoming Products

Nendoroid Yamada Aoi

Nendoroid Yamada Aoi

Working!!‘s Nendoroid Yamada Aoi is now colored and ready to break some stuff serve at Wagnaria! Yep, as you can see in the screencap above, the clumsy Yamada will come with 3 expressions, broken plates, as well as some parts and accessories to recreate her famous gimmick: appearing from the rooftop. Really adorable!! XD

Nendoroid Amagi Yukiko

Nendoroid Amagi Yukiko

One of the most shocking appearances in last week’s WonFes was Nendoroid Amagi Yukiko from Persona 4: The Animation. It reminds me of Jack Frost when it was displayed on last year’s WonFes. XD

Anyway, according to the post-WonFes broadcast by GSC, it is known that Yukiko will bring along a set of tarot cards, removable glasses (!), and a silly glasses faceplate (?). Doesn’t she look cute there? ^^

Well then let’s wait for some further announcements either by Mika-tan or the monthly hobby magazine shortly. XD

4 comments on “Post-WonFes NicoNico Broadcast by GSC Showed A Few Upcoming Products

  1. Momo Noguiko says:

    That silly glasses faceplate it’s her first glasses that Kuma gave to Yukiko and this makes Yukiko laugh non-stop when she sees it, hope that she gets a laugh faceplate too 😀 

    • animaster says:

      I haven’t watched the show nor played the game, but I hope she will get a lot of hilarious expressions and/or accessories. ^^

  2. Fali says:

    Where is my nendoroid Godoka, I demand justice!!!

  3. […] made her magazine debut last month, and now she re-appears in fully-colored fashion, as seen in the post-WonFes NicoNico broadcast. Nothing new here, except for the availability info – she will be released on July with the […]

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