Happy Birthday, Megurine Luka!

Racing-themed Megurine Luka

Racing-themed Megurine Luka

Yep, Vocaloid2‘s Megurine Luka was officially released on this day, three years ago. As a fan of her, I thought I should post a special greeting for Luka-san, just as I did last year. ^^

So … why am I using Racing-themed outfits there? Well, I simply want to celebrate her Racing Petit announcement as well as her birthday. XD

Nendoroid Racing Luka 2011 (unofficial XD)

Nendoroid Racing Luka 2011 (unofficial XD)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MEGURINE LUKA! Wish you more (Nendoroid) loves for the coming year(s). ^^

Note: Sorry for the lack of “birthday party” photos like last year. XD

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