Nendonesia Special Gathering at Bijac no Tanjoiwai 5: Bijac no Matsuri

The banner

The banner

We have been doing several local (Indonesia) meetups on 2010 and 2011 – in fact, there are one gathering in Surabaya (two weeks ago) and one in Jakarta (this Saturday!) held in this month.

That said, we have another gathering, this time it is dubbed “special gathering”, because we are invited to Bijac Festival, scheduled for February 11 at Binus International University, Jakarta, Indonesia.

Here is a brief general description of the festival:

In general, Bijac no Tanjoiwai 5: Bijac no Matsuri is a celebration of Binus International Japanese Culture Club’s 5th birthday. In past few years, Bijac no Tanjoiwai is only an internal event that participated only by Binus International students. But this year, as mentioned in the tagline, “matsuri” in Japanese means “festival” so we want to spread the celebration not only to Binus International students, but also to anyone in Jakarta who love Japanese culture.

This event also showing that in Binus International there is “Bhinneka Tunggal Ika” a Unity in Diversity. Learning and loving other country’s culture doesn’t mean that we don’t love our own culture; we also can find the “good” in other’s culture and brings the goodness in our culture and daily life.

… and here is the event poster:

The event poster (click for larger view)

The event poster (click for larger view)

As mentioned in the poster, the festival will start on February 10 until 12. Aside from Nendonesia Special Gathering, they are also running a couple of events there, such as a fighting game tournament, a trading card game competition a maid cafe, and a bazaar. Kindly visit these links for further information regarding the event:

Note: Any Nendoroid collectors are free to come to the gathering, and do not forget to bring your Nendoroid as well. See you there, Nendo-fans! XD

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