Nendoroid Petit Witch Metallica is Spotted

Nendoroid Petit Witch Metallica

Nendoroid Petit Witch Metallica

As promised, the prototype of Nendoroid Witch Metallica (Majo Metarica) is displayed at Nippon Ichi‘s booth at the Akihabara DenkiGai Festival earlier today. In my opinion, the Petit design looks pretty nice … and hey, I thought it was a full-sized Nendoroid for a moment there. XD

The original Petit design

The original Petit design

This bad-ass looking Petit is going to be included in the limited edition of upcoming PS3 RPG from Nippon Ichi titled The Witch and the Hundred Soldiers. The set is priced at 10290 Yen and scheduled for a vague Spring 2012 release.

Well, what do you think, Nendonesian?

Via Dengeki Online

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  1. […] PS3 game titled Majou to Hyaku Kihei (a.k.a The Witch and The Hundred Soldiers) will have a limited edition that includes Nendoroid Petit Witch […]

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