Nendonesia’s Best Nendoroid for 2011

The candidates for 2011's Best Nendoroid

The candidates for 2011's Best Nendoroid

We are reaching toward the end of 2011 and the beginning of 2012 in a few days. Similar to last year, we are going to conduct a poll to decide which Nendoroid is considered the best among all for this year. For refresher, last year’s champion is Nendoroid Black Rock Shooter.

So who is going to claim the top podium for 2011? Time to cast your vote, Nendonesian. ^^

Here are the nominees – you may choose up to three Nendoroid:

Well then, may the best Nendoroid wins. ^^

14 comments on “Nendonesia’s Best Nendoroid for 2011

  1. Takotalk says:

    I surprised Sharo wasn’t here…but I vote for Totori, Kirino, and Homura!

  2. ElectroNymph says:

    HMO and Playtime has the best designs but the stand and movable joints is horrid, so I vote for  Kuroneko! xD yeh why is Sharo not there, I’d vote for Sharo hands down.

  3. Aya says:

    No Hideyoshi?

    I’ll vote for HMO. She’s the best!

  4. Laaaaark says:

    Flandre Scarlet plz.

  5. Shiro says:

    No Saiko ):

  6. 山本淳 says:

    hmm…looks like the leading ones are those which are more expensive 😦

  7. err…  I haven’t seen ikaros yet… even though I POed her from many times ago, I haven’t had her in my hand  T_T

    so I’ll vote for miku HMO then

  8. Kuroyuriarlovs says:

    not sure who to pic, i dont own any of them oTL
    voted for snow miku playtime, miku support, and flandre.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Just thought that Sharo, Madoka, and Hideyoshi should be in the list as well. XD

  10. Nicole Helou says:

    Support Miku, Snow Miku Playtime, and Kuroneko!

  11. Lillet says:

    why is there no Youmu Konpaku? T-T

  12. […] you can see in the final poll result, Touhou Project‘s Nendoroid Flandre Scarlet has been crowned as Nendonesia’s Nendoroid […]

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