Nendoroid Petit Hatsune Miku Cheerful Contest version is Announced

Front view

Front view

Do you remember Cheerful JAPAN x pixiv contest which ended a few months ago? Yep, the winning illustration has been realized in the form of a Nendoroid Petit.

Rear view

Rear view

Officially dubbed as Nendoroid Petit Hatsune Miku: Cheerful JAPAN feat. Hatsune Miku Contest version (wow that was a lengthy name! XD), this adorable Petit is featuring Miku jumping in mid-air carrying a pair of pompoms. I kinda like her hairstyle there, as well as her unique pose – never seen in a Petit previously, as far as I know. ^^

This Nendoroid Petit will come bundled with Quarterly Pixiv vol.8, which is priced at 1680 Yen and scheduled to be released on March 9th – yes, it is also known as Miku Day. The pre-order should be available shortly, so you should keep your eyes peeled checking your favorite hobby retailers. ^^

Any thoughts, Nendonesian? ^^

(Thanks for the news tip, Octavianus Kevin!)

Via Famitsu via Culture Japan and MFC

3 comments on “Nendoroid Petit Hatsune Miku Cheerful Contest version is Announced

  1. WHAT!? BUNDLED WITH QUARTERTLY PIXIV!? that’s the pixiv artbook, right!?
    ugh, suddenly I have the urge to buy this little thing!  >_<

    it's just a bit sad for me, since I also submit my pic to the pixiv contest some times ago, but I lost… hahahha  ^^'

  2. Eraldcoil says:

    Want! Hopefully the Pixiv book won’t be hard to snag online for pre order somewhere o_o

    I like the petit, she’s cute! And I’m sure the book itself will be good to look at.  

  3. […] we have previously known, Quarterly Pixiv vol.08 will also include Nendoroid Petit Hatsune Miku: Cheerful version. The book […]

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