Nendoroid Inui Sana, Taneshima Popura, and Wagnaria Playset are Up for Pre-Order

Nendoroid Inui Sana

Nendoroid Inui Sana

Nendoroid Inui Sana from Mashiroiro Symphony has just been displayed last week, sans the usual preview by Mikatan, but her pre-order has already begun today. She brings along three cute expressions, Ponnya (Pannya, the kitty-like creature), as well as a couple of body parts to recreate some lovely pose from both the game and anime. Here is a description from her official page:

A pure white encounter
From the anime series ‘Mashiroiro Symphony” comes a Nendoroid the playful young girl who is kind to everyone, Sana Inui!

She comes complete with three expressions, and also comes with parts that let you display her as she looked on the packaging for the game – with her hands shaped as a heart. She also comes with folded arm parts to create a more upset looking pose.

Last but not least, the strange cat-like creature, ‘Ponnya’ is also included – allowing you to recreate all sorts of scenes and poses from the game and anime!

She is going to be released on May 2012 with a price tag of 3500 Yen.

Nendoroid Taneshima Popura

Nendoroid Taneshima Popura

Meanwhile, Max Factory‘s Nendoroid Taneshima Popura from manga/anime series WORKING!! is also available for pre-order starting today. The official description is as follow:

“I might be a Nendoroid, but I’m not small!”
From the second season of the anime series set in a family restaurant, ‘WORKING!!’, comes a Nendoroid of the reliable waitress, Popura Taneshima!

She comes with three expressions, including a smiling face, a cute looking upset face and a chibi face. She also comes with a menu for the restaurant, a tray to carry out orders to her customers and of course a little footstool to help her reach those high up places!

The small and lovable Taneshima is ready to be displayed hard at work – or in whatever pose you think suits her best!

The adorable small Popura-chan is scheduled for April 2012 release with a price tag of 3800 Yen.

Nendoroid Playset Wagnaria set A + B

Nendoroid Playset Wagnaria set A + B

Taneshima Popura’s workplace will also get a Nendoroid version, in the form of Nendoroid Playset #05: Wagnaria set, made by Phat Company. As usual, the playset is divided into two sets, with set A featuring the guest seating and set B featuring the kitchen. Here is the official description:

Welcome to Wagnaria!
From the anime series ‘WORKING!!” comes a playset designed for the Nendoroids of the series to be displayed in Wagnaria itself! The A set features the guest seating area of the restaurant, while the B set recreates the kitchen. You can connect the two sets to recreate the full restaurant. Grab some of the Nendoroids from ‘WORKING!!” and recreate your favorite scenes from the series!

A Set Contents: Two windowed walls, floor, table, 2x sofas, parfait, coffee cup & saucer, coffee pot, order machine and Wagnaria signboard.

B Set Contents : Normal wall, kitchen wall, floor, refrigerator, stove, shelves, sink, cutting board, knife, frying pan, ladle and a floor divider screen.

Each set will cost us 2400 Yen (for a total of 4800 Yen if you are going to purchase both sets), and scheduled for April 2012 release – the same month as Taneshima Popura, obviously. ^^

Well, which one are you going to pre-order, Nendonesian? ^^

Via GSC (link #1, link #2, link #3, link #4)

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  1. baka desu :o says:

    Definitely getting Popura ❤ *3*

  2. […] Inui Sana has gone for pre-order since a few days ago, and she finally got a preview photo session by Mikatan earlier today. Well, in case you have not […]

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