Bakuman’s Nendoroid Azuki Miho is Announced

Azuki Miho

Azuki Miho

It looks like Phat Company will be making another Nendoroid from manga/anime series Bakuman. Yep, according to the latest chapter of Bakuman manga (chapter 159, page 3), Nendoroid Azuki MihoMashiro Moritaka‘s fiancée- will be made into Nendoroid as well, following Nendoroid Niizuma Eiji who has been available for pre-order since a few weeks ago.

Unfortunately, there are neither prototype photos nor release info for this Nendoroid. Hopefully we will hear more about her soon. ^^

(Thanks to Nozila Saigo and Brassica for the news tip!)

One comment on “Bakuman’s Nendoroid Azuki Miho is Announced

  1. […] on Bakuman‘s Nendoroid Azuki Miho, because she has already fully-painted there, after being announced a few days ago. She also got a release schedule: May 2012, and priced at 3500 Yen. Nendoroid Minami […]

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