Nendoroid Kuroyukihime from Accel World is Announced

Chibi version of Kuroyukihime

Chibi version of Kuroyukihime

Note: The photo you see above is NOT an official Nendoroid design; it is simply an artwork featuring chibi version of the character. XD

A popular manga series Accel World is set to get its own Nendoroid, as announced by DengekiBunko. Accel World, which has got a green-lit for a TV anime adaption, scheduled for broadcast on April 2012, will be getting Nendoroid Kuroyukihime, the main heroine of the series. Wow … a Nendoroid announcement before the anime starts! Remind me of Wa ga nai. XD

Anyway, skip past the break to view the announcement and …. some costume speculation. ^^

The announcement

The announcement

Actually, Kuroyukihime has two costumes as shown in the manga: school uniform and dummy avatar costume, used in the Accelerated World.

School uniform version

School uniform version

Dummy avatar version

Dummy avatar version

IMHO the dummy avatar costume looks much better than her usual school uniform version, but I think it would be difficult to be made into Nendoroid. I guess the school uniform version will be more likely to be chosen by GSC, but … well, I hope they will choose the avatar one. XD

How about you, Nendonesian? What do you think? ^^

P.S: You might want to take a look at the official site for more info and pics on the characters.

Via DengekiBunko (via MFC by OhnoRaptors)

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  1. […] from the upcoming anime series Accel World also gets her design displayed today, following the recent announcement. I am really glad that GSC decided to use her butterfly costume (dummy avatar mode) rather than her […]

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