Nendoroid MEIKO is Released

Nendoroid MEIKO

Nendoroid MEIKO

As scheduled, Nendoroid MEIKO is finally released to store today (shipped yesterday). With she being released, now we have a complete (official) Nendoroid line from VOCALOID 1 and 2. Yep, her box design matches the box theme from other Nendoroid from VOCALOID – black colored with small white colored grids. XD

I cannot wait to see her meet her fellow VOCALOID buddies here. How about you, Nendonesian? ^^

2 comments on “Nendoroid MEIKO is Released

  1. Neko8124 says:

    great now I’ll have 6 of them 

  2. […] Nendoroid MEIKO, which was released back then on December 2011, is also getting another […]

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