Nendoroid Sonic The Hedgehog is Previewed by Mikatan

Nendoroid Sonic The Hedgehog

Nendoroid Sonic The Hedgehog

Ah … how nostalgic … I recall my childhood memories when I was controlling the speedy blue hedgehog to run, roll, and jump around the stage to get the rings/emeralds and save those bunnies, chipmunks, and birds from the mad doctor. XD

Yep, Nendoroid Sonic The Hedgehog was last seen at Miyazawa Event, and he got a preview photo session by Mikatan today.

As mentioned by Mikatan in her blog post, this Nendoroid is being made to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Sonic’s career in the gaming world. He will bring along a plenty of parts and accessories to re-create featured scenes from the game. Kindly visit Mikatan’s blog to view more pics. ^^

Anyway, this Nendoroid will be available for pre-order starting tomorrow. What do you think, Nendonesian? ^^

Via Mikatan’s blog (Japanese, English)

2 comments on “Nendoroid Sonic The Hedgehog is Previewed by Mikatan

  1. Audreyww says:

     i think to celebrate 20th anniversary

  2. Arisu says:

    it won’t show up on the GSC (The preview)

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