Nendoroid Info in Latest Hobby Magazine Scans (November 2011)

Nendoroid Taneshima Popura, Sanada Yukimura, and Jack Frost

Nendoroid Taneshima Popura, Sanada Yukimura, and Jack Frost

As usual, the monthly hobby magazine provides us with fresh info for upcoming (and sometimes unannounced) Nendoroid. First, the adorable waitress from WORKING!! will be finally available in normal-sized Nendoroid form. Yes, Max Factory‘s Nendoroid Taneshima Popura will bring along three expressions, a menu book, two glasses of water with tray, as well as a small stool for her to stand. She is scheduled for March 2012 release, with no pricing info announced yet. I guess Popura-chan will be up on Mikatan’s blog to be previewed soon. ^^

Let’s put Nendoroid Sanada Yukimura aside, since we have already known all about him. Well, Nendoroid Jack Frost from Persona / Shin Megami Tensei series popped up again. A new sitting pose is displayed there, and it is mentioned that it will be available on February 2012 – that means a preview of the Max Factory-bound Nendoroid is going to be posted shortly. ^^

Nendoroid Mikumix Miku

Nendoroid Mikumix Miku

Nendoroid Hatsune Miku: First Weekly version (a.k.a Mikumix version) is now shown on all poses. She will bring three expressions, along with a mic + stand, a baseball ball, leek, ice cream, and a few more accessories and body parts. She will be priced at 3500 Yen and scheduled for April 2012 release. A preview of her should be available pretty soon. ^^

Nendoroid Generation charms and Nendoroid Petit Ikoku Meiro no Croisee set

Nendoroid Generation charms and Nendoroid Petit Ikoku Meiro no Croisee set

Nendoroid Petit Ikoku Meiro no Croisee set is nothing new, so let’s skip it. Nendoroid Plus charms from the upcoming PSP game Nendoroid Generation are being displayed there, revealing new characters compared to last month’s article – is that Millhiore F. Biscotti there? XD Anyway, the whole set of charms are included in the limited edition of Nendoroid Generation, priced at 10480 Yen and scheduled to be released on February 23, 2012.

Well, what do you think, Nendonesian? Which news excites you the most? ^^

10 comments on “Nendoroid Info in Latest Hobby Magazine Scans (November 2011)

  1. rura says:

    Ooh, Popura looks very adorable! and love the extra faceplates for Mikumix Miku. xD

    by the way, pretty sure the scan says Popura was by Max Factory. 😀

    • Anonymous says:

      Ah … yes, the scan says that Popura is made by Max Factory. I will edit the post right away. XD
      Thanks for the correction! ^^

  2. arifwibowo says:

    Which news excites you the most? Of Courseeeee~ My waifu..xP

  3. Hermawan says:

    Popura & Mikumix are instant get for me

  4. Eraldcoil says:

    Popura! Can’t wait will surely get multiples of her. That pony tail hair will make for fun switches!

    That charm Steins Gate Kurisu is such a tease, come on GSC! Go ahead an make some petit Steins Gate nendos please!

    • Eraldcoil says:

      So, Mikumix is a normal release after all? Or they haven’t exactly said yet? o_o

      • Anonymous says:

        I think it is written somewhere in the scan, but I cannot read Japanese well. XD
        I am pretty sure that we will hear more news shortly.

  5. looks like Mikumix is a standard release  ^^
    well, the most surprising news for me is popura…

    it’s funny that she got a “bangku” to make her stand higher! hahahah!!
    but it’s making me confused… will this nendoroid be shorter than any nendoroids?

    in the anime she’s famous for being small and short..  and now in her nendoroid, she got a “bangku” (sorry  XD) to stand higher…  well, that’s just my curiosity though.. haha

    • Anonymous says:

      Hahaha … I was struggling to find the English term for “bangku” previously …
      Turns out, the suitable term is “stool”. XD

      There is no info regarding her height yet, but I guess she will be shorter compared to other Nendoroid. ^^;

  6. […] announcement For some reason, this news slipped past us although we have already known about the magazine scan displaying Max Factory‘s Nendoroid Taneshima Popura. It seems that her fellow co-workers will […]

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