Nendoroid Niizuma Eiji is Joining Nendoroid Army?

Niizuma Eiji

Niizuma Eiji

The eccentric manga-ka Niizuma Eiji from manga/anime series Bakuman, is seemingly set to have his own Nendoroid rendetion. The announcement is mentioned in the latest chapter (156) of the manga series. No pic of its prototype just yet, let alone its release info. However, it is almost certain that he will be manufactured by Phat Company, who made the Nendoroid of Bakuman’s two main characters.

Well, what do you think, Nendonesian? ^^

(Thanks for the news tip, Ario! ^^)


2 comments on “Nendoroid Niizuma Eiji is Joining Nendoroid Army?

  1. Eraldcoil says:

    Wow, this is very god news! I wasn’t expecting anymore Bakuman Nendos, but Eiji will be a very much welcomed nendo! Bet he will have some sweet “CROW!” face o_o

  2. go_devil_daisuke says:

    YESSSS.  This is very good news! 

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