Tonight’s Live NicoNico Broadcast by GSC Featuring Newly Announced Figures

GSC's Meeting Space

GSC's Meeting Space

“Autumn is here! Let’s Take a Look at October’s New Figures!”

Yep, that is the caption of tonight’s live NicoNico broadcast by GSC, as announced by Mikatan on her latest blog post. This time, they will be broadcasting right from GSC’s meeting space, instead of Good Smile Cafe as the previous live broadcast. Anyway, here is a run-down of the broadcast:

  • 1/8th Scale Shinobu Oshino [Otanaka]
  • Nendoroid Sena Kashiwazaki [Otanaka]
  • Nendoroid ?? [Shuu-chan]
  • Nendoroid ?? [ ?? ]
  • 1/8th Scale Homura [Oda]
  • 1/8th Scale Mami-san [Oda]
  • Nendoroid ?? [Oda]
  • figma Sayaka [Second Private]
  • figma Ika Musume [Second Private]
  • figma ?? [Second Private]
  • 1/8th Scale Miku Hatsune HSP ver. [Second Private]
  • Wing’s Sonico [Akiyama]

I guess Nendoroid Kobayashi Kamui, Nendoroid KAITO: Cheerful version and Nendoroid Matsumae Ohana are among those [???] Nendoroid in the list there. Menma and Ayase might also make their appearances there! XD

Well then, stay tuned from 20:00 until around 21:30 (JST) on this NicoNico channel. As usual, there might be a new product announcement on the broadcast, like … Touhou Project figures, perhaps? ^^

Via Mikatan’s blog

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