More Photos of Custom Nendoroid Aegis

Custom Nendoroid Aegis

Custom Nendoroid Aegis

Did you remember about custom-made Nendoroid Aegis that we revealed last week? Well, it turns out the post had been spotted by the maker of that custom Nendoroid: Ji Na Hong, a Korean girl who currently lives in Germany. Whoa!! ^^

She explained that the custom-made Aegis was created using parts from Nendoroid Kagamine Rin (presumably the hair part) as well as Nendoroid Drossel (the body parts, perhaps?). Anyway, she has also sent us more pics of the custom-made Nendoroid Aegis, along with other characters from Persona 3 and 4. Yay!! ^^

Kindly enjoy the pics after the break. ^^

Battle mode!

Battle mode!

Aegis in school uniform! XD

Aegis in school uniform! 😄

Aegis with protagonists from Persona 3 and 4

Aegis with protagonists from Persona 3 and 4

Well, what do you think, Nendonesian? Don’t you think it’s time for GSC to consider making more Nendoroid from Persona, now that Persona 4: The Animation has begun airing? ^^

Note: Thanks for the confirmation as well as the pics, Ji Na Hong! Looking forward to see your next custom Nendoroid from Persona. ^^


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  1. […] I know that many Persona fans have been anticipating to see Aigis/Aegis from Persona 3 being converted into a cute Nendoroid – some folks even went the trouble to make a custom one! […]

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