Danny Choo Teases Illustration of Nendoroid Suenaga Mirai

Illustration of Nendoroid Suenaga Mirai and friends

Illustration of Nendoroid Suenaga Mirai and friends

Whoa … what do we have here? An illustration of Nendoroid Suenaga Mirai, along with her comrades Haruka and Kanata, as well as Nendoroid Gumako: Cheerful version as a cameo. Reading people’s reactions on the Facebook page, it looks like folks are giving positive response to the realization Nendoroid Mirai – and perhaps her buddies as well. In any case, I guess that Danny and GSC are currently working closely together to bring the Nendoroid rendetion of Mirai-chan into production as soon as possible. ^^

Well, what do you think about it, Nendonesian?

Via Danny Choo’s Facebook

3 comments on “Danny Choo Teases Illustration of Nendoroid Suenaga Mirai

  1. DerpinaDerp says:

    The Mirai figma was defected sooooo sooo bad and had so many problems. I can’t imagine how these would turn out. I haven’t seen a good review of it by anyone who didn’t have their head so far up Danny’s ass to admit it but the others and the pictures I’ve seen with those big ugly elbow joints, face falling off, broken arms and limited hands…well you get the idea.

    Plus I dislike Danny and Mirai so I’ll never know anyway ^^

    • Anonymous says:

      As a company (GSC) and figure lover (Danny), I am pretty sure that they will try to improve their product quality.

      If this Nendoroid is not (1) part of Cheerful Japan campaign and/or (2) super movable, then I guess Nendoroid Mirai would be really nice – as good as other GSC’s Nendoroid in general. Just my own personal though.

  2. […] Choo has previously teased us with an illustration of Nendoroid Mirai, Kanata, and Haruka, and now the said illustration has […]

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