Custom Nendoroid Ashton Anchors from Star Ocean The Second Story

Nendoroid Ashton Anchors

Nendoroid Ashton Anchors

If you are an avid gamer (especially RPG), you should have known about one of the most popular J-RPG ever – the Star Ocean series, particularly Star Ocean: The 2nd Story (or the PSP remake Star Ocean: The Second Evolution). Apparently, a fan decided to make a Nendoroid rendetion out of Ashton Anchors, one of the character in that game. Whoa!! XD

For you who is unfamiliar with this character, here is the description from the official site:

“A young swordsman whose innate cowardice brought him misfortune; as a result, he became haunted by a double-headed dragon. Despite his humble personality, his sword skills are first class, and he fights using sword arts that integrate symbology with his two swords.”

Ashton Anchors is one of the optional characters found in the game. His famous characteristic is the double-headed dragon who fused onto his back when he battled with the said monster. What an unfortunate adventurer he is … XD

Crying face

Crying face

Dual-sword wielder

Dual-sword wielder

"Why am I so unlucky!?" he said. XD

"Why am I so unlucky!?" he said. XD

The parts and accessories

The parts and accessories

It looks like his head is modified from Nendoroid Ayasaki Hermione (Hayate), while the body is based on Nendoroid Saber: Super Movable Edition. Yep, the double header dragon is removable and can be attached to Ashton’s back there. Awesome! XD

Well, what do you think, Nendonesian? Don’t you want to see more game characters be made into Nendoroid? ^^

9 comments on “Custom Nendoroid Ashton Anchors from Star Ocean The Second Story

  1. DerpinaDerp says:


    Ashton has been a favorite character of mine since the game first came out so many years ago. I would so buy this if it was real.

    By the way they also made an anime of this series. Star Ocean EX. It flopped sadly and they never made a second season but it was great if you were a fan.

  2. I’m really into star ocean, but this custom nendo is so good!!!

  3. Omi says:

    *gasp* I would pay so much money to have that my goodness that is so awesome! 

  4. You don’t have any idea on who actually made this, do you?

    As Ashton’s number one fangirl, it’s my duty to hunt them down, and possibly convince them to make another (at a price, of course).

  5. Hba90080 says:

    i am japanese. i like this game.  my favorite character is ashton!  this nendoroid is「素晴らしいです!!」

  6. Edward Blankenship says:

    I really like this and I would buy it! I hope there’s more of them made someday.  I wish I knew who made it.

  7. Vensykes says:

    Oh no, this is my favorite character in Star Ocean! If this is real, maybe I would buy it.
    I wonder where those dragon and his hair are modified from.

  8. Danielle says:

    Can I buy?!

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