Sakura Taisen’ 15th Anniversary will be Celebrated with Nendoroid?

Sakura Taisen Budoukan promo banner

Sakura Taisen Budoukan promo banner

UPDATE: The tweet embeds have been fixed.

A surprising announcement was made earlier: Sakura Taisen‘s (a.k.a Sakura Wars) character(s) will be made into Nendoroid, in order to celebrate its 15th anniversary. Yep, we will be able to see Shinguji Sakura (or perhaps Erika Fontaine?) in Nendoroid size soon! Whoa!!! XD

Here are the tweets:

[blackbirdpie id=”122305668983177216″]

Translation by Google Translate:

Sakura Wars: The live was awesome hey. And! I was allowed to be published or Nendoroid. Our production is steadily progressing. To enjoy

[blackbirdpie id=”122310433439879171″]

Translation by Google Translate:

Sakura Wars to commemorate the 15th anniversary, we have released over time to satisfy you! “@ Hironox_x: !?(*’ ω` What is Nendoroid Sakura Wars) (from TL.) When did you get that or not Maria”

It looks like it will be realized in the next summer (2012). Well, what do you think, Nendonesian? Aren’t you excited? ^^

Via Esuteru Blog

7 comments on “Sakura Taisen’ 15th Anniversary will be Celebrated with Nendoroid?

  1. Neko8124 says:

    Hopefully they won’t be petites 

  2. DerpinaDerp says:

    I hope they will be petits, there’s way too many characters to be making them regular sized and GSC needs to finish other characters from other series first.

  3. well, I do like sakura taisen, but I don’t think it will sell good as a regular size…  so I think GSC will made them into petits…

    • Anonymous says:

      IMHO, whether it would sell well or not, it depends on the extra parts/accessories
      as well as the epic faceplates. IMHO if GSC could pull it well, Sakura Taisen Nendoroid
      will be successful. ^^

  4. momobunny3 says:

    I wonder if they’ll be wearing their everyday clothes or their combat uniform.
     I always loved the uniforms in Sakura Wars~ I ‘d buy so many more if they were wearing those 

    but I’ll probably buy Kohran and Coquelicot regardless though XD 

    I want them to be full sized, but my wallet hopes they’re petites ^^;

  5. Eraldcoil says:

    Crap…. These could be really cool o_o

    It’s scary to think that GSC will randomly do a nendo from a series that may be seen as “older” the full potential of that is scary…. I want Rayearth Nendos please XD

  6. […] from Sakura Taisen series has been announced during its 15th anniversary celebration a few months ago. Obviously, the main protagonist of the […]

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