Nendoroid Mayushi and Kurisu Support version are Announced

Nendoroid Mayuri Shiina and Makise Kurisu Support version

Nendoroid Shiina Mayuri and Makise Kurisu Support version

… and  just when you thought that the Nendoroid nightmare terror announcement is over (momentarily) … well, GSC has another surprise for you: Nendoroid Shiina Mayuri and Makise Kurisu Support version as part of their Cheerful JAPAN project. (> . <)/

The heroine duo from Steins;Gate appear in cheerleader outfit, complete with their pompoms and cheering megaphone. Besides, they also come with a brand new expressions. Check the pics after the break. ^^

UPDATE: English version of Mikatan’s blog post link

Kurisu's embarrassed expression! How adorable!!

Kurisu's embarrassed expression! How adorable!!

Mayushi's (•﹏•) expression!

Mayushi's (•﹏•) expression!

Displaying Cheerful JAPAN's banner

Displaying Cheerful JAPAN's banner

Here are some info for the international pre-order:

  • The reservation will start on September 9, 11:00 until September 26, 20:00.
  • One person may only order up to 5 figures.
  • They will be released on late January 2012.
  • Shipping fee is fixed at 2000 Yen.

The pricing has not been announced yet, but I guess each of them will cost you 3000 Yen. Both of them are bundled in a set of 6000 Yen. Kindly visit Mikatan’s blog for more info regarding the pre-order – it’s in Japanese though. ^^;

Well, what do you think, Nendonesian?

Via Mikatan’s blog (Japanese, English) and Cheerful Japan Shop

8 comments on “Nendoroid Mayushi and Kurisu Support version are Announced

  1. Eraldcoil says:

    Nice! I’ll be getting two sets. Those extra faces are awesome o_o

    Can’t wait to see what the next cheerful Japan product is! 

  2. gits_sac says:

    Do I still trust their online shop after what happen to the ‘miku support ver.’……..NO!!!
    Still sore over their shipping issues. Damn GSC.

    • Anonymous says:

      Let’s see how they handle Nendoroid Gumako.
      I guess they have sorted the shipping issue this time and afterwards.

      • gits_sac says:

         Even though they solve it, their international customer service sucks.

        No trying to be an asshole, but I can get it slightly more cheaper from 2nd party rather than purchasing from their online straight.

      • Anonymous says:

        If you are going to use 3rd party service, you might want to get the Japanese version instead of the international one, because it usually gets a slightly faster shipping. ^^

        In my case, I decide to do a group purchase to avoid crazy import tax to my country. XD

      • Eraldcoil says:

        Sadly that’s true -_- Took them about 2 weeks to respond to an e-mail I had sent them and even then they didn’t really answer my question o_o

  3. Neko8124 says:

    i would love this to instead of the standard versions 

  4. […] scheduled for January release, the Cheerful JAPAN Nendoroid set from Steins;Gate is pushed back to February […]

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