Nendoroid Planet Photo Contest

Nendoroid Planet's photocon banner

Nendoroid Planet's photocon banner

If you recall our review of the iOS app Nendoroid Planet a few months ago, there is a section titled “The MUSEUM” with 2 sub-section: “Catalog” and “3D Models“. In 3D Models, we can view the 3D-rendered models of a few Nendoroid. Beside zooming and rotating, we can also take photos of the 3D Nendoroid with our environment as the photo background.

Yep, this capability is now being featured as a photo contest. The main rules is simple: submit one photo of 3D-rendered Nendoroid Black Rock Shooter or Nendoroid Dead Master, taken with Nendoroid Planet app. The submission has been started on August 31 and will end on September 22. The prize for best photo submission is a BRS illustration made and signed by huke, plus a signature of Sakamoto Maaya! The winner will also get a copy of PSP game Black Rock Shooter: The GAME. Wooot! (o . o)/

The bad news is … well, the contest is only applicable for Japan citizen. That’s it – international participants are not eligible to participate in the photocon. Awww … (-_-“)

Well, what do you think, Nendonesian? ^^

Via Mikatan’s blog and Nendoroid Planet

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