Custom Nendoroid Ivan Karelin from Tiger & Bunny

Custom Nendoroid Ivan "Origami Cyclone" Karelin

Custom Nendoroid Ivan "Origami Cyclone" Karelin

Someone has apparently interested to make a Nendoroid rendetion out of Tiger & Bunny characters. Yep, what you see above is a custom-made Nendoroid Ivan Karelin (a.k.a Origami Cyclone), one of the heroes in the anime. As you can see in the pic, Ivan’s eyes design look really nice there, not to mention the awesome details on his hair and outfits. Whoever made this Nendoroid, he has done a really good job re-producing the character into Nendoroid. ^^

Well, what do you think, Nendonesian? Are you curious to see characters from Tiger & Bunny being made into Nendoroid? ^^

Via Yaraon

7 comments on “Custom Nendoroid Ivan Karelin from Tiger & Bunny

  1. grace toh says:

    omg so cute!
    yes,  i wouldn’t mind if GSC did some nendoroid rendition of the guys and gals from Tiger & Bunny.

  2. Neko8124 says:

    I wish GSC made more male Nendos 

  3. Levi Mcdane says:

    Who is made it?

    I hope it comes reylly tiger & bunny ( ivan, barnaby, kotetsu) nendoroid figures…

  4. Eraldcoil says:

    WOW! That’s awesome, I wish they would make Tiger and Bunny Nendos. I want Kotetsu! and SKY HIGH!!!

  5. Daisuke says:

    This custom is cuuute~!
    GSC could just take all my money if they made Kotetsu and Barnaby Nendoroids. * w * 

  6. AkumadeNoShitsuji says:

    he looks like alois trancy frim kuroshitsuji

  7. […] guess there are a lot of folks who want to see characters from TIGER & BUNNY to be shrunk into Nendoroid size. Well, due to some potential licensing issue with a certain figure manufacturer, I don’t […]

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