Nendoroid 167: Cirno

The strongest ice fairy has come in nendoroid form! Prepare for the cuteness inside! 😀

Cirno is another character from the Touhou Project series. Her first appearance is from the sixth series, named Touhou Koumakyou (AKA Embodiment of Scarlet Devil) as a stage 2 boss, with the ability to manipulate cold. She’s also known for her stupidity and childish nature, but enough of that, let’s move on to the review! XD

This is what you got from her. One frozen frog, one ice sword, three optional right hands (2 optional arms), two optional left hands (1 optional arm), one optional bloomer (normal standing, and standing/floating with legs wide open) and two optional faces! She has a lot of accessories, don’t you think? 😀

Compared to all Touhou Project series’s stand, Cirno has the simplest design (second is Reimu’s). Yes, it’s “9” inside a circle, AKA “nine-ball”. It’s related to her jokes as being stupid info taken from Did you know that Cirno is also the 9th nendoroid from Touhou Project? (excluding the petit).

Her wings, beautifully designed, I love it (sorry for my crappy photo ._.). Wings is removable like Remilia’s and Flandre’s.

Front view. yup, as some of you have noticed, Cirno doesn’t have waist movement because her cloth was molded in one piece. Fortunately, it won’t hinder her from any cute pose(s) 😀

Battle time! This is one of her attack from the game, named Ice Sign “Sword Freezer” in which she’ll freeze the air around her in the form of sword and attack her enemies.

Relax time 😀 Cirno’s hobby is to freeze frogs, and watch them as they hibernate. Sadly, she often accidentally drop them, poor frog ._.

Crying face! So cute! XD

Random photos:

Cirno is showing her latest creation to Flandre, which is… a frozen frog.

She also showed it to Sanae, but Sanae seemed unamused.

Buy or not buy?

Must buy! Nendoroid Cirno is so cute and with so many parts, you’ll spend a long time playing with her XD

till next review~

bonus: “Ice Sword!”

3 comments on “Nendoroid 167: Cirno

  1. Anonymous says:

    That crying face!! (>.<)/

  2. amberkin says:

    So. cute. D:

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