Nendonesia Photo Contest #2 – The Winners!

Entries of Nendonesia PhotoCon #2

Entries of Nendonesia PhotoCon #2

We have concluded the scoring phase for Final Round of Nendonesia Photo Contest #2. Therefore, we have updated the Gallery page with the entries from this photocon. You might also want to take a look at the Flickr album for better browsing experience.

Well then … which entries win this photocon? Kindly scroll past the break to find out. ^^

Before we get into the winners, we are going to take a look at several notable entries, which didn’t get into the Final Round:

Welcoming The New Family Member

Welcoming The New Family Member

By: Raintive_Orion
Comment:  All the Mikus want to be the first to give HMO a warm hug :3
Judge’s comments:

  • Pile of Miku!
  • SUPERGLOMP must win!
Love isn't Just Word!

Love isn't Just Word!

By: Lionardi
Comment: Could you love someone even though He does not have enough time to loving you? Do you still loving him and not leaving him simply because his life would not be much longer? Or could you love everyone when everyone else wouldn’t love you? Both of those are the same case. We can learn from Nendo-love that true love is not just words, we have to show it sincerely and selfless ^^
Judge’s comments:

  • Not the best photo quality, but setup is full of love and care.
  • Another one of my favs.
  • Poor light is ill; nice effort for the decorations.
  • Lovely scene although photo quality is decent.
Snow Playtime Edition

Snow Playtime Edition

By: Lazypioneer
Comment: For me, “Spreading Nendo-love to everyone!” can only be achieved if one has love to his/her own nendoroid. Hope with this photo everyone can see my love for my nendoroid.
Judge’s comments:

  • We all love snow! XD
  • Nice prop!
  • Cheerful photo! Have idea of real Nendoroid igloo since last winter. ^^
  • Happiness and fun!
  • With a full-fledged camera, the result would have been excellent.
Love You - Confession

Love You - Confession

By: avalonexa
Comment: After gathered his courage, Yuzuru confessed his feeling to Taiga on her way home.
Judge’s comments:

  • L-L-Love letter! (Damn you Yuzuru for cheating on Kanade! >.<)
  • A starry star, a love letter, surely the answer would be YES.
  • Lovely scene!
Love and Friendship

Love and Friendship

By: chevaliere
Comment: Bought those funny animal shaped pencil erasers and decided to put them together in this photo. Love to the animals and love towards friends.
Judge’s comments:

  • Nice!
  • Cute!
  • Another one of my favs!


Well then, we are going to unveil the runner-up and grand winner of Nendonesia Photo Contest #2. *drum rolls*

Here they are!

Runner-Up: Playing with Color Marker

Playing with Color Marker

Playing with Color Marker

By: DoctorN
Prize: Nendonesia merchandise set
Votes: 3 judges + 138 users
Judge’s comments:

  • Pretty colors and setup!
  • The colours are really nice! Congrats!
  • Simply colorful!

…. and the grand winner of Nendonesia Photo Contest #2 is …..

Grand Winner: Made Just for You

Made Just for You

Made Just for You

By: WeyNit
Prize: Nendoroid Petit Touwa Erio
Votes: 3 judges + 201 users
Judge’s comments:

  • Nice props and good lighting!
  • That’s one of those girls you wanna call “my waifu” xD
  • Yume, marry me! I want those croissants. xD
  • Baking is part of my job, so … I love this pic!
  • Simply my fave entry.

Both Message to Mr. Owner and Sweet Love is tied at the 3rd place with 3 judge votes and 90 user votes. ^^

Congratulations for all of the winners and thank you for all of you who have participated in this photocon! See you again on our next photocon, Nendonesian! ^^

3 comments on “Nendonesia Photo Contest #2 – The Winners!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Ah so lovely baker won it in the end ^^ Gratz!
    Was hard to pick from all those nice photos ^^

  2. waaa my photo is here XD even though it didn’t reach the final, me is happy for joining the contest XD Good luck nendonesia XD

  3. Congrats for the winner…. 🙂 

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