Linkin Park x GSC Project Will Get Nendoroid Petit Rendetion

Nendoroid Petit Linkin Park?

Nendoroid Petit Linkin Park?

American rock band Linkin Park is partnering with Good Smile Company to hold an event titled “A Thousand Horizon“, which will be divided in 2 parts: A Thousand Horizon Museum and A Thousand Horizon Show. GSC will be selling goodies at the event and part of the sales will be donated to the earthquake affected areas through Music for Relief.

Apart from T-Shirts, iPhone 4 cases, and other goodies, GSC will also make Nendoroid Petit to sell at the event. Since I could not read Japanese well, I can only guess that it would be Nendoroid Petit rendetion of LINKIN PARK’s 6 band members. ^^

What do you think, Nendonesian?

Via 1000Horizons

15 comments on “Linkin Park x GSC Project Will Get Nendoroid Petit Rendetion

  1. Nekobara says:

    money is everything

  2. Anonymous says:

    Would love to get them… but wonder what price will be -_-
    If they are limited to event only then omg…

  3. Eraldcoil says:

    Eh, lame in my opinion. It’s a shame that GSC gets around to doing more male nendo stuff and it ends up being Linkin Park o_o

    • Guest says:

      What’s wrong with male nendo stuff? ._. and what’s wrong with Linkin Park? ._.

      • Eraldcoil says:

        Nothing wrong with more male Nendo stuff… I just wish GSG would do something like a Petit Meme (Bakemonogatari) or Kyouma from Steins gate. We didn’t see too many male Nendos from wonderfest either….

        Nothing wrong with Linkin Park either… I just don’t automatically think Nendoroids and Linkin Park! But who knows this may be a new trend, maybe they will do a Lady gaga Nendoroid XD

  4. 3242 says:

    oh, happy day!
    –event only?!
    *goes off to sulk*

  5. Apostrophe says:

    I’m so looking forward to this! But I also wonder about the price or if it’s possible to pre-order it somewhere… 😦

  6. ahegao says:


    Now in nendo form.

  7. Pandasniffer says:

    On the official English site, it shows the goodies. It does not say the nendroids are event only. It says they will be released. It says: “Complete
    set of super deformed action figures of all Linkin Park members will be
    released by Good Smile Company.”

  8. […] Friday, Linkin Park x Good Smile Company are holding an event at Nicofarre in Tokyo, with the title A Thousand Horizon. At the end of the event, there was a talkshow with all Linkin Park members, and that’s when […]

  9. […] Petit: LINKIN PARK Set has been announced since last year and their prototype was finally displayed during Winter WonFes 2012. Yep, they are finally ready […]

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