Black Rock Shooter: TV Animation is Announced

Black Rock Shooter TV Animation

Black Rock Shooter TV Animation

Although the Nendoroid line-up from Black Rock Shooter is quite strong, it seems that the OVA didn’t please much fans back then when it was released last year. That might be what in the mind of BRS Project team when they decide to produce the TV animation version, which is planned for January 2012 broadcast.

Some changes in the main casts are spotted in the pic, such as Black Rock Shooter’s hood, Dead Master’s glasses, and a new girl with yellow-brown colored hair – Strength is mysteriously absent there. Obviously, the man behind that illustration is huke, who also done the original design of Steins;Gate’s characters. ^^

I know, this news might not be related to Nendoroid …. for the time being. Who knows what would happen later? Nendoroid rendetion of BRS TV Animation version look more likely than ever! XD

What do you think, Nendonesian? ^^

5 comments on “Black Rock Shooter: TV Animation is Announced

  1. Liam Stubbs says:

    I’m actually hoping they do a reprint of the original figures because of this. I need Dead Master, she’s the only one of the 4 BRS Nendoroids I don’t have 😦
    Also, the Yellow/Brown character is called Dragon Slayer (
    I can’t wait for the inevitable Nendoroids/Figma’s of the new OVA. BRS will be my first double 😀

    • Neko8124 says:

      I thought the BRS we’re based off the OVA ? I can keep an eye out for a DM for you ….do you hve a MFC account ?

  2. Monchan says:

    I want everything BRS!! I’ve been waiting for a Dragon Slayer figure for forever

    And the new BRS looks so cute >w<

  3. 3242 says:

    Maybe there is no strength in the picture because she will only show up very little. Again.

  4. oh man.. I got enough already with so many variations of BRS..  =___=’
    we’ve already have the original BRS, then the BRS 2035 and Dragon Knight ver. / Dragon Slayer ver. (both in figma)….  now yet another BRS?

    ugh….  don’t make the same mistake with too many variations, just like what happened with Miku…

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