Nendoroid Mikazuki Yozora is Announced

Nendoroid Mikazuki Yozora

Nendoroid Mikazuki Yozora

The first Nendoroid from novel/anime/game Boku wa Tomodachi ga Tsukunai has been announced officially by Mikatan. Previously, Nendoroid Mikazuki Yozora was seen at the latest WonFes and last week’s Comiket 80, and today she got a preview photo session by the official blogger of GSC.

Yozora is playing her PSP

Yozora is playing her PSP

Another schoolgirl, you said? Well, while that might be true, but she brings along a plenty of body parts and accessories (including PSP), apart from the three expressions. I won’t comment regarding her resemblance to K-ON’s Akiyama Mio though. ^^;

Anyway, she is going to be available on GSC site tomorrow – and that means her pre-order will also available tomorrow. Are you getting her, Nendonesian?

Via Mikatan’s blog

3 comments on “Nendoroid Mikazuki Yozora is Announced

  1. DerpinaDerp says:

    Another schoolgirl with folded arms and only hundreds more on the way. They failed on the skirt too. Pass 😦

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  3. Excel-TRON says:

    Huga Haganai Fan… 100% Getting Het And All Other Club Members 🙂

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