Nendonesia Photo Contest #2 – The Finalists

A collage of Nendonesia PhotoCon #2's entries

A collage of Nendonesia PhotoCon #2's entries

Firstly we would like to apologize for the delay of the Nendonesia PhotoCon #2‘s finalists announcement. It was initially planned for Monday, and then got pushed into Wednesday (or Thursday on GMT+7).

Well then, the top 10 entries have been chosen out of 77 participating photo entries in the Qualifying Round. For any of you whose entries did not make it into the Final Round … well, don’t let it make you down. You may participate again in our next photocon. ^^

In any case, kindly scroll past the break to view Top 10 Finalists of Nendonesia PhotoCon #2. ^^

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Anyway, for you who feel that some entries do not appear to qualify as finalists, well, we could only say that the photo theme and concept weights much more than technical aspects of the entries. The reason behind this score weighting is related to the camera – which is a mere mobile phone camera, not a full fledged DSLR. That’s it! ^^

So … here are the list of the top 10 finalists, in no particular order.

Finalist #1: Playing with Color Marker

Playing with Color Marker

Playing with Color Marker

By: DoctorN
Camera: Google Nexus S
Comment: look what miku draw with color marker set, very cute >.<

Finalist #2: Don’t be Embarrassed to Receive Love

Don't be Embarrassed to Receive Love

Don't be Embarrassed to Receive Love

By: ChibiMiku
Camera: DoCoMo SH01C
Comment: BRS just need love to defeat DM XD

Finalist #3: Sharing is The Best Face of Love

Sharing is The Best Face of Love

Sharing is The Best Face of Love

By: ShouTakuya
Camera: Samsung GT-C3300K
Comment: Sharing the ice popcicle to my schoolmate is a better way of showing my love, but someone from another school is sharing her nendo toys with us is way more loveble and exciting. Happy 1st Anniversary Nendonesia~

Finalist #4: Dango Shop

Dango Shop

Dango Shop

By: Kuroneko85
Camera: iPhone 4
Comment: In nendorid district Konata and Kagamiku open new shop that sale traditional snack. They want to share happiness to everybody by making delicious snack.

Finalist #5: Miku Love

Miku Love

Miku Love

By: m4tth3ws
Camera: iPhone 4
Comment: N/A

Finalist #6: Sweet Love

Sweet Love

Sweet Love

By: Fera14 a.k.a nyoooi
Camera: BlackBerry Torch 9800
Comment: So sweet look Araragi and Hitagi in love.

Finalist #7: We Love “Go Go Green”

We Love "Go Go Green"

We Love "Go Go Green"

By: Sarah
Camera: Sony Ericsson W890i
Comment: Miku and BRS-chan has given the power of love for the earth. With 3G “Go Go Green”, we can make the earth smiling. Go Go Green Indonesiaku!

Finalist #8: Message to Mr.Owner

Message to Mr.Owner

Message to Mr.Owner

By: tonijikon
Camera: BlackBerry 9700
Comment: Mr. Owner is very busy and he rarely spend time with his nendoroids lately. As Mr. Owner’s favorite Nendo, Miku take initiative to leave him a message on his breakfast, but suddenly little petit Miku run towards her and accidentally fell into the bread, thus ruining the message before it’s even finished. It seems nendo Miku must redo a thing or two to gain Mr. Owner’s love again.

Finalist #9: MOE is LOVE



By: daichou
Camera: iPhone 4
Comment: We LOVE nendoroids because it is MOE, so let’s spread the MOEness to everyone!!!

Finalist #10: Made Just for You

Made Just for You

Made Just for You

By: WeyNit
Camera: BlackBerry Torch 9800
Comment: Yume baked this cake just for her boyfriend.

Well then, that is the finalists on Nendonesia PhotoCon #2. Now, it is your turn to choose your most favorite 3 entries out of these 10 … and it will also be accounted for deciding the winners!

No, we have decided not to use Facebook and/or DeviantArt for the poll, but instead rely on our own poll system. Here is the poll:

We know that there are some of you who are concerned about the fairness of the poll system. Rest assurred, Nendonesian, as we make sure that the judge’s votes will have more “weight” toward the final scoring. ^^

Anyway, the vote will end on Wednesday, August 17th, 23:59 (GMT+7) – yes, that is about a week from now. May the best photo win! ^^


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  1. Irwin savero says:

    um could you please add the big size of the pic, can’t see really well with that size ^^”

  2. DatCracker says:

    Bwaaaa I love the pictures but at the same time I’m super jealous XD

  3. GOOD JOB chibimiku!!! i didnt knew it was urs >.<

  4. ugh, I’ve lost   T_T
    but all the finalist are great!!!

    >_<  it's a hard decision to even choose one of them… but I chose one already  ^^
    hopefully the best one will win this!  ^^  ganbate for all of the participants!

  5. Angelin Wijaya says:

    i like miku love 🙂

  6. Thesewall says:

    wwoaaaaaaa #5 and #10 rapidly going into the top 3 @_@

  7. Xboy177 says:

    go go miku love….I know you’ll win

  8. Angelin Wijaya says:

    miku love go go go

  9. Anonymous says:

    something about the way #5 and #10 rise at such a pace is… wrong.

    especially that #5, its miraculous enough that it survived the preliminaries.

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