Miku Support Saga: International Shipping Woes

Nendoroid HMO with Support Miku's pompom

Nendoroid HMO with Support Miku's pompom

Apparently, the saga is not over yet, as we have received report regarding the delay for international shipping of Nendoroid Hatsune Miku: Support version. The international version of Miku Support was originally released early last month, and with EMS delivery, the package should have arrived on late July at the latest. Unfortunately, it didn’t happen as expected.

I bet there are many of you who have sent complaints regarding this issue, and you have also received replies from GSC Online Shop … as follow:

Email from GSC (1)

Email from GSC (1)

That’s the problem: “… We are plan to ship by EMS but this time we ship by Surface Parcel.” As far as we know, EMS package is delivered by air, while Surface Parcel is delivered by sea.

So what is the impact of the change in the shipment? Well, in term of speed, I guess you could imagine it as cheetah (EMS) vs snail (Surface Parcel). Here is GSC’s estimation for the package arrival.

From Japan to Indonesia in 2 months!

From Japan to Indonesia in 2 months!

Fortunately, GSC finally decided to refund all of the shipping charges (2000 JPY), which is explained thoroughly on their latest email earlier today:

We have received many reports that Nendoroid Miku Hatsune: Cheerful (Support) Ver. has not been reaching its destination in the time specified, even though it was shipped in July 2011.

After some investigation, it was found that this was due to an error in the method used for shipping. While all products were supposed to be shipped via Express Mail Service (EMS), they were accidentally sent via surface mail. While EMS generally takes approximately 10 days to reach its destination, surface mail takes approximately three months. We wish to extend our apologies to everyone who ordered the figure, there is no excuse for the error we have made.

All international orders were charged 2000 JP Yen for EMS delivery, but were sent via surface mail. We will be refunding the 2000 JP Yen shipping fee to all customers who placed an order for the figure from overseas. If you paid for your order with a credit card, we will be refunding the amount directly to the account linked to your card. If you paid using Paypal, we will be sending a 2000 JP Yen refund to your Paypal account. The refunds will start from the 11th August 2011 and should be complete within a few days.

As of the 10th August, we have confirmed that the surface mail packages have started to arrive at the following countries:

China (Mainland)
Hong Kong

Other countries may have to wait until mid-October before the packages start to arrive. Having to wait for a figure you expected much earlier is certainly not a pleasant experience, and once again we cannot apologize enough for the careless error on our part. As soon as we hear word that other countries have received their packages, we will update the website noting which countries have received them.

In the case that your figure has been damaged due to the long surface mail delivery, we will gladly replace it for you. Simply contact customer support and we will organize a replacement to be sent to you.

Furthermore, we promise that future shipping from the GSC Online Shop will always be via EMS. We hope that this incident will not prevent you from ordering from us in the future, and that you will have many pleasant transactions with the GSC Online Shop in the future.

Well, at least they still take responsibility by refunding the shipping charge. I am now contacting the Eshipper, a shipping company with some good reviews. What do you think, Nendonesian? What do you feel about this shipping problem by GSC?

10 comments on “Miku Support Saga: International Shipping Woes

  1. Alejandro Nicolás Moreno Balló says:

    That’s fair, and GSC knows thta by refunding the 2000 JPY their cutomers they going to gain and keep all those customers ,D

  2. Fefe Chan says:

    i hope there won’t be any damage to the figures……

  3. Eraldcoil says:

    Well, glad to hear i’m getting a refund on my shipping costs. I just hope this same thing doesn’t happen with the other support figures… I don’t wanna wait 3 months for my Miku o_o

  4. I do agree with Fefe  Chan…   it’s ok to wait “a little bit longer” (super lame!!!!)
    but, what all of the customer wants is the safety of their figures…

    hopefully, everybody will get it in sound and safe condition…

  5. It’s nice of them to refund the shipping cost in full… Well I certainly do hope that will be the first and last major blunder from them…

  6. jeff_Teo says:

    so anyone got their refunds yet???

    • Anonymous says:

      As far as I know, most of us should have got the refund. I have already got mine, though.

      Charlie Anthony

      • jeff Teo says:

        Hmm, weird…so far, I check that there’s no record of the refund yet.
        Will it state who the refund is from?

  7. […] Hatsune Miku: Support version that I have pre-ordered, has arrived today, not 2 months as predicted previously. (^o^)/ Anyway, it seems that Zatsune Miku wants to try the pompom … Nendoroid […]

  8. Harrison Hyden says:

    International Shipping on Woes, really good news. The international version of Miku Support was originally released early last month.

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