Yukiwo Ageta Showed Nendoroid MEIKO’s Prototype

Prototype of Nendoroid MEIKO

Prototype of Nendoroid MEIKO

Nendoroid MEIKO has got a preview photo session by Mikatan and been available for pre-order since last week. Well, now we can take a look at the prototype for the mass-production release version of the adorable Vocaloid Nendoroid, courtesy of her sculptor, Yukiwo Ageta. ^^

The drunk expression

The drunk expression

Have you secured your pre-order of her, Nendonesian? ^^

3 comments on “Yukiwo Ageta Showed Nendoroid MEIKO’s Prototype

  1. nendo_lover says:

    wait until the release, want to see the final product first ^^

    the drunk expression, so want XD

  2. Neko8124 says:

    I hae all the rest of the Vocaloiods nendos so I picked her up to …I was sold on the drunkin face 

  3. Not secured for me for the moment but I to think about it !!!

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