Pre-Order Info for Nendoroid Petit Yune is Available (Updated)

Nendoroid Petit Yune

Nendoroid Petit Yune

UPDATE: She is not an exclusive after all, and your usual figure store should be accepting pre-orders by now. (Thanks for the tip, Shiddo! ^^)

We have got confirmation regarding the absence of this version of Nendoroid Petit Yune in the last WonFes, after being shown along with the other three Petits at the Japan Expo. Well, it turned out that she will be an exclusive product, or specifically a mail-in order, and bundled with Ikoku Meiro no Croisee TV Anime guidebook.

The Petit itself will include two exchangable bodies, an optional hair parts, as well as a French bread. The whole set is priced at 2000 Yen and scheduled for March 2012 release. If I guess it correctly (I cannot read Japanese after all XD) the closing date for the pre-order is October 7.

Here is the mail-in pre-order form in case you are interested, or you could visit your usual online figure store (recommended) to secure your pre-order. ^^

Anyone of you getting this adorable Petit rendetion of Yune – along with the bundle? ^^

Via FujimiShobo and AmiAmi

5 comments on “Pre-Order Info for Nendoroid Petit Yune is Available (Updated)

  1. Eraldcoil says:

    Ugh, wish they would just stick to normal releases -_- Getting some of these petit Nendos is difficult if you live outside of Japan. Not mentioning all the ones being bundled with magazines now too…

    Too bad I was really looking forward to getting Yune, but probably don’t have a chance now o_o

    • Anonymous says:

      I would like a normal release as well, but it seems that they are keen on bringing her exclusively. ^^;
      Oh well …

  2. 3242 says:

    Here I was, hoping for a normal set release, then this happens.
    Farewell, petite yune hopes~

  3. it is expensive for just a Nendoroid Petit ?
    Am I the only ont find it expensive… and we have to add a proxy cost as well !

  4. Shiddo says:

    2000 yen is for set of Petit Yune and Artbook to anime.
    Also they are available for preorder in regular shops in the end ^^

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