Nendonesia Photo Contest #2 – Scoring Phase

Nendonesia PhotoCon #2's entries

Nendonesia PhotoCon #2's entries

First, we want to say thank you for your participation in Nendonesia Photo Contest #2. We have received many entries internationally, despite all of the restriction in the submission. Thank you for your enthusiasm, Nendonesian!! ^^

Anyway, now that we have closed the entry submission period, we are getting into the scoring phase. There will be two rounds to determine the winners: Qualitfying and Final Round.

In the Qualifying Round, we will have the judges put scores on your photos based on some criteria. Top 10 entries will be picked and they will qualify into the Final Round. This round is expected to finish by next week. ^^

In the Final Round, we will ask for your help, Nendonesian, to choose the winning photos. We will post the qualifying top 10 entries onto either (or both) our Facebook page and DeviantArt group. There, you will be able to cast your votes (# of likes for Facebook and # of favorites for DeviantArt) for the finalists. The judges will cast their votes to some of the finalists as well. Yes, the final scoring will be determined by the judges and you, Nendonesian. ^^

Well then, I guess that is all about the scoring phase for Nendonesia Photo Contest #2. May the best photos win! ^^

8 comments on “Nendonesia Photo Contest #2 – Scoring Phase

  1. Fefe Chan says:



  2. i wanna see the entry pics…

  3. Yukinata_ramen says:

    im lovin the censored pics.

  4. DatCrackerJack says:

    ARGH the censor makes me more curious!!! >w<

  5. kandy_productionzz says:

    fffffff!!!! hope i get into the qualifying round, as well as final round :DD.. may the best photo win :))

  6. kuroneko85 says:

    unyuuu it’s censored….
    looks like all the entry pic is amazing.. (pesimis bisa menang TAT)

  7. chev says:

    looks like theres alot of miku nendoroids lol

  8. Hiwa says:

    Fuuu…Just realized that you guys made a 2nd photocon ;w; I’m going to participate in the next con! Good luck to all of the participants!

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