Nendoroid Army-san: Desert version Prototype is Revealed!

Nendoroid Army-san: Desert ver.

Nendoroid Army-san: Desert ver.

There are two versions of Nendoroid Pixel Maritan and three versions of Nendoroid Jiei-tan, but Nendoroid Army-san only got a single version so far. Well, she is going to get a new version though – Nendoroid Army-san: Desert version. Wha-!?

The jeep!

The jeep!

Yep, this version of Army-san will bring along some new parts and accessories. The most noticable one are a desert jeep and a hand grenade. Whoa!! Aren’t they super-cool!? ^^

Anyway, Nendoroid Army-san: Desert version will be available for pre-order starting August 25 until October 11. She is priced at 4200 Yen and scheduled for February 2012 release.

Well, what do you think, Nendonesian? Are you getting her too? ^^

Via Hobby Channel

8 comments on “Nendoroid Army-san: Desert version Prototype is Revealed!

  1. that’s a Humvee!!! super nice detail for the humvee!!!!

  2. Shiddo says:

    Nendo Hummer! ❤
    Awesome! ^^

  3. Neko8124 says:

    dang a Nendo who-ride ……..gezzzz but I alread have her so the first version will do just fine

  4. Ai Chan says:

    O AO)l’ oh no… i already have the first ver.
    but i want that desert jeep 😦  dont wanna have 2 army-tan T__T) *sobs*…

  5. […] Hobby-Channel has just posted a preview of the upcoming Nendoroid Army-san: Desert version from Magical Marine Pixel Maritan series. Yep, this time, the adorable soldier has been completely painted, unlike the last time we saw her. […]

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